October - December Harvest

This December 2022, Smile engages in an annual campaign to share the Good news of Jesus Christ in our local communities using sports and games as tool of engagement. This time we invite you to support through the following;

Sponsor a soccer team to participate £50 (We have over 22 teams of youth

Sponsor a netball team to participate £50 (We have over 16 teams of youth)

Sponsor individuals to run the SCU marathon £15 (We expect 120 people)

Sponsor hiring a bouncing castle for children to play for a whole day £135 (we need three)

Sponsor clean drinking water for the whole day £370

Sponsor security for the whole day £100 (Security team and police)

Sponsor a Public Adress System for communication £670

Sponsor a standby ambulance £340

All funds raised after expenses shall be used to sustain the work of Smile Charity Uganda.

Every blessing

Alex Gift Ngabonziza

CEO Smile Charity Uganda


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Asked Questions about October - December Harvest

What is the December Harvest?

This December 2022, Smile Charity Uganda engages in an annual campaign to share the good news of Christ in our local commmunity through games and Sports

How can I participate in the Harvest?

You can Sponsor any team of your choice (See the text body above.)