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To rebuild social systems through promoting family cohesion as a foundational community function to provide safe homes for children, promoting national peace and stability, cultural revival, building self-esteem and offering guidance and counseling to the broken.

Our team of staff and volunteers normally conduct home visits in the communities living in the slums of Kampala especially Nabulagala where they do needs assessment, provide counseling and share some help where necessary and possible. However, there are needs that are of a much more delicate and nature and requiring prompt attention. Sometimes the response needed is more of a life-saving scope and magnitude. Such incidences led Smile Charity Uganda to start up a Crisis Intervention Center which acts as a refuge or home to those facing a life-threatening emergency. Below is a more detailed report.

The Crisis Intervention Program (Adullum Caverna)

This information is an update about the Crisis Intervention Program with Smile Charity Uganda carried out at the Adullum Caverna house located near Smile House in Kabulengwa, Munyonyo road, Naluvule, Wakiso District in Uganda.

Adullum Caverna means the Cave of Adullum meant to be a refuge to persons faced with a crisis or a challenging moment in life that urgently requires counseling and intervention to bring back such persons to their normal psychological and emotional stability able to live normally on their own and integrate well with society. Such persons include youth faced with family challenges or adults faced with untimely life transitions and maybe requiring some quiet moment of reflection and meditation.

Whereas there may be need for referral to post-trauma or psychosocial centers for more serious cases, most of the people hosted at the Adullum Caverna only need minimal company and help of a few social workers. Depending on the need of a person, some of the beneficiaries hosted are enrolled for short life skills and/or livelihood skilling courses to enable them to move on with their normal living.

This program is less than a year old now and still requires many resources to continue to the desired setting. It is set up on a rented house that is covered until January 2019, still requiring much of the furnishings to make it a hospitable environment fit to cause the much-needed relaxation for people recovering from temporary life challenges or trauma. Items needed in the short run include beds, beddings, kitchen equipment, refrigerator, television set, house radio, and seats. Other items needed in the medium term include four computers, a projector, filing cabin, camping equipment, and a motorcycle. This program currently runs with the support of a few volunteers but may require a more permanent and paid staff.

Should you require any more details about the Crisis Intervention Program, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address below or the emails hereunder.                                

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