Our Programs

Education Support Schemes

To enable children and youth access education and mentoring in order to grow in academic experience and build their career objectives.

Education is the core of Smile Charity Uganda’s work. Access to education is a real challenge for many children living in poverty. For most families, school fees for their children are not something they can afford especially when they have a lot of children.

Children enjyoing a Catch-up Class session

And it is not just school fees that the families have to pay; they also have to meet expenses of the extra school requirements like school books, uniform, shoes, and exam fees.

Children who do not report with everything as asked of them by the schools risk being sent back home and eventually drop out of school.

Smile Charity Uganda works to eradicate these barriers in the way of children’s education by offering Basic English, writing and math lessons to children in the local communities that can’t afford school through “The Catch-up Class Program”, paying for their school fees, providing uniforms and shoes, as well as covering the costs of children's exam fees.

All this is done through offering scholarships, reintegrating those that have dropped out of school back in to school and sponsoring the education needs of the young generation.

We target needy children, orphans and those living in extreme poverty as well as school drop outs.

We also network with schools and other education service providers to be able to provide quality subsidized education to SCU supported children.

We offer life skills training and extra-curricular activities to children we support.