SCU March 2016 Update

When we started a renewed journey of evaluating, remodelling and improving all our programs in October 2016, all members of our team of volunteers, administrators and directors agreed on one fact – empowerment and evangelism  were to remain part of our core program in the making of disciples for Christ’s kingdom. Our main target group is children and young people while taking consideration for women in need and family support because by empowering families as a whole we achieve our main objective of ministering to the child and/or young person in our society.

It is with the hope of seeing holistically empowered and transformed lives through education, practical evangelism initiatives and community outreach programs in Uganda that Smile Charity Uganda remained committed to the children in the communities. Especially children at Nabulagala and Nansana who are impoverished to an extent that there are children of school age who have never been to a class room and many who have dropped out for reasons related to lack.

Catch-up class one on one approach
A volunteer gives a one on one touch in a Catch-up class

We reach out to them through our catch-up classes with a packed program to enable them re-integrate to a normal school program. Some of them get the chance of getting a personal sponsor while others receive commitment from relatives to support them. Sometimes the parents can afford to support them having been empowered with some kind of income generating project for the family, an empowerment program which we also strive to do on behalf of these children.

It is often a great encouragement to the people who serve with us either through prayer, giving or physically visiting and participating in the teaching itself to see smiles of a blossoming life growing out of a once hopeless condition.

Our other main program activity is the Children Bible Clubs at the churches in these areas. We have a serving partnership with Family Believers Church in Nabulagala and Blessed Word of Life Church in Nansana. With time we hope to build new partnerships to target more children in communities within our effective reach. The majority of the children in the Bible clubs are school going children in lower primary level – grades 1-5. They are famous for the beautiful smiles that we are proud of.

Children Bible Club smiling faces
Some members of the Children Bible Club 

In 2015 we hosted children in the communities around our partner churches to a Christmas party where we had over 500 children at Blessed Word of Life and over 200 at Family Believers Church in Nabulagala. That was our peak that we witnessed dropping down considerably at the Christmas of 2016 due to financial constraints and numerous challenges at our charity. We have since seen the Lord’s faithfulness continue to shine through our seasonal challenges thanks to your support. This year we and the children hope to glorify Christ with such joy that can only be memorable for all their lives as they grow to also serve Him and extend His eternal kingdom.

Our Smile House at Nansana has been improved to courteously host our visitors like you to partake in the joy as we take you out to visit our family empowering projects, children catch-up classes, children Bible classes as well as the rich and natural beautiful scenes around the country including the world’s best preserved flora and fauna in the national parks. All this as the Lord blesses of course with the resources to meet that. We have three favourable packages that will give you the fulfilment one can get with volunteering so you don’t have to worry at all.

Never hesitate for a moment to contact us for details and planning for a visit. While it is encouraging when you pray with us or give as little as USD 10 or GBP 5 which can see a child receive empowerment for a week, it is far much encouraging when we are given the opportunity to enlighten you when you plan to visit us for a week, two or three. Then we get to see beautiful smiles of children and adults across the world over. What a blessing of hope!

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