Plagiarism and criminal abuse of Smile Charity Uganda's data.

This is to inform our clients, friends, supporters and the general public that there are people misusing our information, including media in the form of photos for their own selfish reasons. We already tracked down some of them and the necessary legal steps are being taken as the law requires.

One example is a group of people calling themselves "Friendship Uganda" who apart from copying whole paragraphs of our data and photos of children (who have never met or seen them) under our care, was not legally registered to handle children. This particular group of people apologised to us in writing (attachment failed at the moment, available on our FB page) and have now changed their name and hopefully complied with the laws.

Our team spends several hours working in the field to give a helping hand to those in need whereby we also compile reports some of which we partly share on our website and social media. Our team also spends several days in monitoring, evaluation, and planning in order to stand out as a well structured and organised legal charity. It is therefore very painful when some people do a "copy and paste" of our own copyrighted materials and criminally uses photos of children we shared.

In compliance with the Child Protection Laws of Uganda, African Union and The United Nations to whom we ascribe, Smile Charity Uganda only uses photos and videos of children where necessary with the consent of their parents or guardians.

We regret any inconveniences that may have been caused by the circumstances described above especially to the children we minister to, their parents, guardians, sponsors and donors who support our programs, the NGO Forum of Uganda, and the general public.

To the perpetrators, we hereby state that STAND WARNED! The long arm of the law will catch up with you. Our media and legal consultancy teams are constantly monitoring any instances of plagiarism and abuse of our data.

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