Ian and Joy

We are so grateful to God for little Ian* who attends our catch up classes. He previously had an ear infection and we were able to take him to hospital for treatment and he got well. However, another tragedy befell him shortly after that when he got burnt by fire caused by a candle in their house.

Ian's burns before and after

The gappers got concerned about this and have since been taking him to hospital for necessary medication and are happy that he has greatly improved. His mother is so grateful for the hand of help towards her son’s life and she says words alone can’t express her joy.

Another amazing Smile Story is that of 25 year old Salama. Salama is a mother of 4 children and lives with her husband in the slums of Nabulagala. They moved to Uganda as refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The family struggled immensely as both parents were unemployed—school fees for their children and rent were hard to come by.

Smile in partnership with Family Believers Church (FBC)—also located in Nabulagala, began running a weekly children’s club which Salama’s children attended. As the club went on, one of her children, Joy*, was identified for sponsorship got enrolled in the Smile sponsorship programme.

Salama (extreme left) and her chidren

Joy enrolment onto the sponsorship program has been a big blessing to her family. Her family regularly receives relief items and gifts from Smile.

Joy now happily attends school and Salama has been empowered to create her own local business. The rest of the children receive basic education through catch up classes run in the slums where they learn English and writing skills.

Through these education and empowerment programmes, this family now has hope for a brighter future thanks to your giving. These were Salama’s words: “Am so grateful to SMILE for all the support to me and my family. They always encourage us through their outreach program in the slums. May God bless the abundantly.”

*Name changed to protect child’s identity

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Comments From Our Readers
2017-02-25 18:46:23
Ssemukutu John
Thank you SCU for the good heart. Am a beneficiary of your love. May God bless you.